Student Blog: Typical Street Foods

By Julian and Dailyn

Cartagena is one of the most visited places in Colombia. It is one of the most outstanding and recognized tourist sites worldwide. This city has a lot of delicious sweets and food, and you can enjoy fresh fruits and street food in the city center.

  1. Typical sweets

Cartagena has some traditional candies like cocadas, caballitos, panderitos, and tamarindo. Those traditional candies were created by the Palenqueras some time ago. Those candies have something in common, the ingredients, coconut, sugar, papaya, cassava, and panela are used to prepare the delicious desserts. The price of these sweets goes from $1000 to $5000 Colombian pesos.

2. Typical seafood

Ceviche is one of the most recognized seafood in Cartagena. This Ceviche includes onion, lime, tomato sauce, shrimp, and other things that you can include. The cheapest Cechive coast $6000 and the most expensive coast $58,000 Colombian pesos.

3. Fresh Fruit

As Colombia is a tropical country the variety of fruit is big. On the street, you can find banana, pineapple, mango, strawberry, and watermelon. Those fruits can coast 2000 or 3000 pesos by fruit. Each day he sells 150 fruits.

4. Orange Juice

5. Iced Sweet Drink

The dessert consists of ice shavings that are topped with flavored sugar syrup.

All of this typical street food you can find in Cartagena very easily because a lot of people are selling those typical sweets, fresh drinks, and candies. In Cartagena, you can find a variety of things that you can eat or take to your family.