Student Blog: 3 Places To Visit in Cartagena’s Historic Center 

By Kendry, Nathalia, Gregory & Jesus

With this article, you can learn about the amazing place of Cartagena. You can enjoy visiting each place. These incredible places are in the center of Cartagena. All of these places are free to visit and are outside. You can enjoy with your family or boyfriend or girlfriend and your friend.

Simon Bolivar Park

This park has a lot of pigeons. It has a statue of Simon Bolivar and free internet. Also, it has many beaches and you can clean your shoes with a shoeshine. Nearby, there are many museums like the gold museum and the inquisition museum if you are tired, go to the cafe and drink coffee. This area is natural because has a lot of trees and flowers.

Santo Domingo Plaza 

This place is very big with a  beautiful church. This place has a famous monument called La Gorda Botero. The people say if you touch her chest and backside you will have good luck in love and life. In Santo Domingo there are many shops like ice cream, restaurants and more. It is delicious food to enjoy with your family and friends.

San Pedro Claver Plaza 

This place is so popular because it has a famous church. Many tourists go to this plaza to enjoy the beautiful temple. Also, you can see the small monuments of people doing a hobby or job. If you want to learn the art of Cartagena you should go to the museum of modern art. Also, people can enjoy the delicious food of the restaurant San Pedro cafè-mirador. You can also enjoy the juice and the typical sweets made by the palenqueras.


Cartagena is a good place to spend your vacation with your family, boyfriend or girlfriend and friends. Enjoy your visit to this beautiful city!

“ I love Cartagena. It is beautiful and friendly” – Mary (USA)

“My favorite place is the cathedral because it has a big light and altar”- Silvina (Argentina).