Student Blog: Getsemani Takes Back Its Culture

by Julio

Cartagena has been characterized as a tourist city thanks to the Getsemani neighborhood.
Getsemani is an old neighborhood in Cartagena. Over the years, Getsemani has kept their structures in
different ways that are interesting for foreigners to visit. The streets tell us the history that occurred
there. For example, natives had to fight for their liberty from slavery. This neighborhood is attracting
more and more tourists to visit our city because it is something that is not very common in other

Holy Trinity Square was built in 1643. In this Square, we can see the sculpture of Pedro Romero
and some graffiti drawn in his honor. The square is one of the most interesting place to visit in
Cartagena because at night there are dancers and artist groups that motivate people to come and spend
time with their families. Also, locals come to the church on Sundays to attend mass.

The Trinity Square Pedro Romero Sculpture
In this cheerful community, the houses are decorated with street art like graffiti that celebrates
community and culture. The street artists do this to give life to dangerous places that were used to sell
drugs in the past. These streets have become an amazing place to visit because street artist paint about
our culture to amaze the tourists, such as the India Catalina, the palenqueras, and Afro-Colombian
People. The greatest thing about this is that street artists are doing free art without receiving any pay.
Moreover, the tourist usually come in summer to take amazing pictures and enjoy our traditions that are
on the streets.

Afro-Colombian Girls Palenqueras
We spoke with people who have lived their whole life in Getsemaní and this is what they say:
Getsemaní was a dangerous neighborhood a few years ago because there wasn’t good security and it
was contaminated by garbage in the streets. Also, the safety was affected by people who sold drugs and
stole. But now, Getsemaní is improved thanks to the people who live there. They complained to the
government and now it is better. For instance, tourists can walk around the neighborhood safely and
without worry that somebody is going to rob them.

“Andres Torres has lived in Getsemani for 37 years”

Calle de la Sierpe

Calle de la Magdalena
To conclude, Getsemaní is the most visited neighborhood by tourists because its art is very
striking and not very common. In spite of its past, the streets are conserved by people who have live
there for a long time. For example, every single street is colorful with graffiti and street artists are doing
as much as possible to decorate the neighborhood. I recommended if you want to travel to any city,
come to Cartagena to learn more about our culture and traditions